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In-house ministries


1. Shepherd’s Staff/Sheepfold Care

  A. Elders and Ministers

  1. Watch Care


2. Berean Light Bible Institute

  (Preparing People for Greater Pursuits)

  A. Spring & Fall Semester Classes


3. Discipleship Development/Christian Education

 A. Sunday School

  B. Bible Study

  C. New Members’ Class


4. Iron Sharpens Iron Mens' Ministry

 A. Monthly Mens' Fellowship

  B. Security 

  C. Greeters

  D. Mentorship


5. Womens' Ministry

  A. Womens' Fellowship

  B. Singles’ Ministry


6. Market Place Outreach Ministry

  A. Annual Family & Friends Day

  B. Open Air Services

  C. Door-to-Door Campaigns

  D. Community Activities

E."OPS" Operation Push for Souls"


7. Community Connection/Laison

 A. Reentry Program

  B. City Council Meetings

C. G.E.M.A.


8. Hearts In Hands Missionary Ministry

A. Monthly Giveaway 


9. Set the Captives Free Jail Ministry

  A. Reentry Program

  B. Inmate Mentorship


10. Youth Ministry

      A. Monthly Worship Service

      B. Youth Church

      C. Youth Outings

      D. Annual Youth Conference

​11. Gatekeepers Ministry

  A. Greeters


12. Music Ministry

  A. Praise and Worship(Inner Court)

B. Musicians

  C. Music Appreciation for Beginners


13. Telephone Ministry

  A. Conference Line(The Morning Watch         

Monday - Friday at 5:00 AM

  (605) 475-6006 - Access Code: 493544#


14. Media/Sound Ministry

  A. Website

  B. YouTube

  C. Facebook

  D. Instagram

E. Zoom 


15. Intercessory Prayer Ministry

   A. Prayer Vigils


16. Food 4 the Soul 


17. Jehovah Rapha Healing Ministry

​  A. Home Visitation



18. Food Pantry Ministry


19. Pastor's Aide Ministry


20. Practical Arts and Drama Ministry

  A. MIME Ministry

  B. Dance Ministry

  C. Flag Ministry

  D. Step Ministry

  E. Plays and Skits


21. Security Ministry


22. Deacons Ministry


23. Building Fund Project

​  A. We Will Arise and Build


24. Stewardship Ministry

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