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Berean Light Ministries  exists to reach out - evangelize; reach up - worship; and reach in to the lives of all people through discipleship training and comprehensive biblical teaching. The principles of Berean Light Ministries are grounded in the discipline of five-fold ministry with a special focus on the ministry of teaching.


We believe that Berean Light Ministries has been called to bring forth, through effective teaching and mentoring, a group of men and women to the forefront who will be instrumental in carrying out the Great Commission as stated in

St. Matthew 28:19-20.


BLM has been successful in reaching across racial, cultural, and denominational lines as it embraces all who desire sincere and inspirational worship.


Berean Light Ministries currently hosts an informative, insightful, spirit-led Bible Study each 1st, 2nd, and 5th Tuesday night at 7:30 PM on the prayer line 605-475-6006 access code 493544#.  The platform of Bible Study is structured line by line teaching that makes the Word practical to all and invokes each person “to search the scriptures.”   The dynamics of the atmosphere include an inviting arena with a climate created by the presence of the anointing and a hunger and thirst for the truth which makes men “free.”  The setting of BLM worship before each teaching session encourages relaxation and sets the tone for a high level of expectation.  BLM welcomes any person who desires a intimate relationship with God.


          Dr. Doretha and Elder Charlie Allen have answered the mandate to bring the body of Christ to perfection, train for ministerial work, and serve as stabilizers to those who desire to become rooted and grounded in the faith. 

As visionaries, they recognize the opportunity to bring  definition to leadership

and promote Godly standards.




 Mission Statement


It is the mission of Berean Light Ministries to fulfill the

Great Commission as mandated by Jesus Christ

 by taking the kingdom to the community;

locally, nationally, and globally.




Our means of accomplishing this goal is to befriend our community through

 outreach events, home visitations, media ministry, and street ministry, thereby, 

spreading the gospel by way of a personal touch.

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